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  • VMware Snapshot reminder script

    Tags: vmware

    Here is a modified script for sending notifications to owners of Snapshots.    I found a couple of examples I hacked together.  I added a function to help Sanitize based on three … more

  • A new chapter begins virtualization!

    Tags: vmware

    I took a position working on VMware recently, I hope to share basic articles I’ve found useful and some personal experiences.  The first thing like any geek, you need to setup the environment to … more

  • System Center and Windows 2012 R2 notes

    I got a new shiny machine at home with lots of RAM, Disk space and six cores.  This allowed me to setup the following environment Two host machines running windows 2012 R2 with hyper-v 1 domain … more

  • Adventure with OEM desktop pre-staged win 8

    Oh the stories I could talk about regarding win 8 pre-loaded on a OEM box.  A few weeks back I picked up a nice desktop (refurb) for under $500.  It’s a 1.5 TB HD, 10 GB ram, 6 core … more

  • June 2013 IIS Newsletter edition published

    Tags: IIS

    Hi All IIS Administrators,

    The June 2013 #IIS Newsletter edition published


    Steve Schofield

    Microsoft MVP - IIS


  • IIS Community Newsletter-March 2013 newsletter

    Tags: IIS

    The latest edition of IIS newsletter is available.  Lots of great links and information! Thank you,Steve SchofieldASP.NET/IIS … more

  • Evaluate IISLogs

    Tags: IISLogs

    Download IISLogs 30-day evaluation (This is a full version trial.) Three versions to choose from (1 Stand-Alone EXE , 1 - Windows Service Versions). Stand-Alone EXE 4.0 version Windows Service … more

  • IIS Logs FAQ

    Tags: IISLogs

    What is IISLogs? IISLogs helps administrators and developers easily manage log files created by Internet Information Server 5.0,6.0 and 7.0/7.5/8.0. The component will provide configurable options … more